About us

Addicted to riding, living & breathing

A small dedicated team of rider nuts specialising in safety gear for motorcycle riders. We like talking, breathing and walking on 2 legs. We like the fact we have more chance of coming home safe to our friends and families after an exciting ride.

We got a bit fed up with the lack of choice and options for hi vis rider safety jakets. Most are based around blacks & greys and which are totally useless for visibility on the road so we decided to design & manufacture some of our own to very unique specifications, but at the same time include some style to an otherwise boring market. Pretty soon lots of people started asking where they can get them and so RTSG was born.

Hi-Vis fluro colours have become ubiquitous in many industries that require high levels of personal safety such as police & law enforcement, building & construction, transport, road work, warehousing and many others. The main reason is because it works!

So why would you not utilise this for when riding a motorcycle?

That's where brands like Valdarez fit in. Designed from the ground up and without the pressure of corporate overheads and marketing price-points. We just wanted to make the best products we could and worry about margins & marketing later and that also means starting a web site of some kind to get the name and awareness out there.

It's a tough market trying to change people's opinion away from blacks and greys.

Most of the pragmatism is self-generated out of fear of not looking cool enough. Is hi-vis really that un-cool? Do thousands of police officers and a few million construction workers on the job every day, worry about not looking cool?

Our jackets speak for themselves and they absolutely work!

Within the first day and first hour you will wear the Valdarez smile. This is when you quickly realise how drivers seem to be giving you more space and courtesy on the roads and not pull out in front of you as much. Because they can see you easily. Our hi vis fluro colours target the most efficient bands of visible spectrum of the human eye.

We are on a mission - to save lives and bring more riders into the knowledge that there are options in the market that will protect you better on the road.

Being seen is everything because accident mitigation is better than accident recovery and unfortunately the accident stats are very real the world over - some riders don't actually get to recover.















































































Our mission is simple - Making motorcycle riders as visible as possible with high quality and comfortable high visibility safety gear that not only protects well but provides exceptional value for money.


Stay visible, Stay safe